I am a passionate instructor of applied behavioral statistics. My teaching philosophy is to blend statistical theory, pragmatic computational skills, and data visualization to provide a comprehensive skillset to approaching data analysis.

Here you can find my teaching background as well as some current and past teaching materials I developed. In all of the following positions I was solely responsible for developing the course content, lectures, assignments, and assessments.

Teaching PositionCourseUniversityDate
InstructorStructural equation modelingUniversity of ZurichSpring 21/22/23
InstructorMulti-level models for longitudinal dataUniversity of ZurichFall 20/21/22
TA ManagerIntroductory behavioral statisticsUniversity of ZurichSpring 20
Assistant InstructorLinear Modeling IIUniversity of KansasFall 19
Assistant InstructorIntroductory behavioral statisticsUniversity of KansasSummer 18
Lab instructorLinear modeling IIUniversity of KansasSpring 17/18
Lab instructorMulti-level modelsUniversity of KansasFall 18
Lab instructorMultivariate statisticsUniversity of KansasSpring 18
Lab instructorFactor analysisUniversity of KansasFall 17
Lab instructorLinear Modeling IUniversity of KansasSpring 16