Current Research

*I have moved hosting of previous project reproducible materials to my Github page.

I wanted to get involved with the wave of new AI projects, and research. For me it is important to access these tools from a programming environment to create a reproducible testing setting. In line with this I released a ChatGPT API R package. There was already one available, but it was restrictive in how it queried the AI, and restricted the arguments you could send to the API. My version includes no prefixes, and opens up these additional settings, you can install it from my github page.

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chatGPTapi (this link opens in a new window) by zr159811 (this link opens in a new window)

Access to chatGPTs API in an R session, no prefixes or primers, just open communication with OpenAI’s chatGPT.

On the psychometrics and behavioral methodology side of things I am currently working on several projects: